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A defective door is annoying and costs valuable resources such as time, energy and money.

Let our service technicians help you quickly and reliably on site.

With our wide range of service locations as well as our branches in Leipzig, Kaiserslautern, Heilbronn, Herrenberg, France and Switzerland, we can guarantee fast service on site.

Our large and well sorted spare parts warehouse offers the possibility of a quick exchange of defective parts.

Through our internal logistics centre with our own trucks, we ensure that our service technicians and fitters are constantly supplied with new components.

Our service team is always at your disposal and will help you to solve your problem quickly, whether by telephone or on site - even with other makes.

The permanently established emergency service guarantees a fast express service on site in case of emergency.

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+49 781 28404-0


Maintenance is important. Everyone knows this topic best from a car.

Anyone who carries out the preventive maintenance and UVV inspection prescribed by ASR A1.7 as well as the Machinery Directive can be sure that they comply with the regulations and legal requirements and have done everything necessary to detect wear at an early stage and to prevent accidents, malfunctions and faults in the door system.

The safety-related requirements for power-operated gates are regulated in the workplace regulation ASR A1.7 and the EU Machinery Directive. Here, the annual inspection of the door system by an expert is required.

The necessary closing force measurement on automatically operated door systems is naturally included in every maintenance and UVV inspection.

We would be pleased to submit you an attractive maintenance contract offer.

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